We do custom quilting on our long-arm machine.

Edge to edge OR Semi-Custom quilting charged by the square inch.

Take your measurements and multiply width times length. That is the total square inches. Next, multiply that number by the design cost you are interested in.  This will give you a good estimate of your quilting cost.

     Medium -meander  .02/sq in.         

     Computerized & dense meander  .0275/sq in.          

     Dense computerized design  .03/sq. in.

Semi-Custom quilting is based on your conversation with the quilter. 

$50 minimum.   

The backing needs to be 6" bigger than the top in length and width.

Special pricing includes:

      Piecing the backing $7.50 per seam

     Making binding $10- $20.  Attaching binding by machine is $0.15 per inch (add all four side measurements together)

     Thread Changes $7.50 per color change.  

     Sew label on back of quilt $10- $15

     Batting available in various sizes: Tuscany (Polyester) Heirloom (80/20 Poly/Cotton)

We want you to be happy with your finished quilt and will work our hardest to make it so.